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聘用外国人员中英文劳动合同 第 1 页
Labour Contract
甲方: XXX 有限公司(以下简称甲方)
Party A: XXX Co., Ltd
乙方:XXX (以下简称乙方)
Party B: XXX
The following clauses are based on the equal negotiation from both parties.
1. 甲方聘用乙方为酒店西餐厅经理。
Part A employs Part B on the position of western restaurant
Second Clause The rights and responsibility of Party A
1. 甲方以现金形式每月(5 号)支付乙方每人 5000 元人民币(税后)。
Party A pays to Party B 5000RMB (after Tax) on 5th each month in cash.
2. 甲方为乙方提供住宿和免费洗衣(干洗除外)。甲方视情况可安排乙方在酒店住宿.
Party A offers free accommodation and free laundry to Party B (dry cleaning is not
included.) According to the accommodation circumstances of the hotel, Party A will offer
Party B stay in the hotel.
3. 甲方为乙方在餐厅提供膳食。
Party A offers Party B free accommodation.
Third Clause The rights and responsibility of Party B
1. 乙方负责酒店西餐厅的全面管理工作。
Party B is responsible for the western restaurant management
2. 乙方每个星期有二天休假。具体日期根据酒店情况可调整时间。
Party B has two days off each week . According to the situation of the hotel, the off day
could be changed.
3. 乙方的签证及相关证照,乙方自行付费办理。(甲方可提供协助)
Party B manage own visas and other related license. (Party A can offer assistants)
4. 由乙方原因造成的任何损失或影响,视具体情况由双方协商解决。
Any loss or influence which caused by Party B, both parties should negotiate according
the situation.
Forth Clause Others
1. 本协议有效期一个年,(2008 7 1 日至 2009 6 30 日)
The period of validity of the contract is one year
2. 本协议以中英文制成,一式两份,甲乙双方各持一份,具有同等法律效力。
This contract is written in English and Chinese, which is in triplicate, and they all have
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